Bitspawn leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. Nodeseeds secured a slice of the virtual pie for our NDS token holders.

Insert Quarter To Play

Video games are globally recognizable whether you started with a Donkey Kong arcade machine or flossing to Fortnite. Previously relegated to nerds and the woefully bored, the PC gaming market alone now represents a $37 billion opportunity. Companies want a piece of this prime real estate and have kicked open the door to sponsorships and partnerships for top gamers. However, these perks are currently relegated to the top echelon of competitive players. …

PolyStarter is the first decentralized project accelerator launching on Polygon. Nodeseeds has secured a round seed investment in this exciting new project.

Acceleration Station

Launching a blockchain used to be an incredibly complicated recipe. Mix together extensive programming experience, user interface considerations, and a dash of paranoia about security and voilà, you might have a functional network. Thankfully the modern blockchain launching process is a much more straightforward, turn-key process. This ease of access is in no small part thanks to accelerators and launchpads. Nodeseeds has secured an investment in the first decentralized accelerator on the Polygon network.

If you’ve been paying…

Hello 🖐 NDS community,

Please find here our second Monthly Report to keep you updated on all general topics:

May 2021 Nodeseeds Investment Report

  • Details on both new & previous investments
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in May
  • The NDS portfolio that grew almost 100% in value since last month.

Despite the rapid growth of the NDS portfolio, we are strongly convinced that this is just the beginning for Nodeseeds. In June, we will do our first buy & burn and highlight the power & value of the NDS token. There are a lot of thinking…

Nodeseeds secured a seed round investment with SolPad, the first decentralized IDO platform for the Solana ecosystem.

The Partnership

The DeFi ecosystem keeps increasing its rate of expansion. New protocols, teams, and innovations occur multiple times per day — it can be a challenge to keep up with it all. Thankfully the amazing Nodeseeds community does a fantastic job of helping one another stay on top of the most promising innovations in the industry. Our amazing community assisted the Nodeseeds team in identifying SolPad as a promising investment opportunity.

As DeFi continues to eat traditional financial markets, being the first mover in…

Nodeseeds has invested in BlockPad, a community-centric blockchain launchpad for the Binance ecosystem.

Partnership Details

What’s worse: having the rug pulled on a project in which you’ve invested or finding out that a project has virtually zero liquidity? The answer is neither. Thankfully, BlockPad solves both issues for investors. It is for this reason that Nodeseeds has proudly invested in BlockPad’s initial launch.

The transparency that BlockPad strives to bring to the Binance ecosystem is admirable. As a transparent and community-centric protocol, Nodeseeds seeks to empower upstanding projects and assist them in reaching their goals. Rug pulling and liquidity draining continue to…

Another excellent investment identified by the Nodeseeds community. DeFinity disrupts the current Foreign Exchange market paradigm and now joins the list of projects capitalized by Nodeseeds!

Partnership Details

Want to buy a Swiss watch, but you don’t have any Swiss Francs? Don’t worry — the Foreign Exchange (FX) market has your back. Unfortunately, it’s still a laborious process and entails a lot of fees… for now. DeFinity revolutionizes the Foreign Exchange market. Nodeseeds once again invests in a powerful disruptor company in the DeFi industry in the form of DeFinity.

We’re in the midst of incredible paradigm shifts across countless industries. Just…

Another fantastic Nodeseeds investment. We’ve helped to capitalize deFIRE, a liquidity optimization platform built on Cardano and incubated by Occam.Fi.

The deFIRE Investment

A man walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender brings him a half-empty glass. When asked about the amount, the bartender replies, “Sorry, but the tap you chose isn’t very liquid.” While not a common occurrence at bars, poor liquidity is a constant issue in DeFi. Executing a transaction only to find out that you’ve paid more than you expected is a painful feeling.

deFIRE tackles this issue directly by optimizing liquidity for users. As a…

Nodeseeds has invested in Opolis, a blockchain cooperative providing benefits and services to independent workers in the United States and (soon) beyond.

Nodeseeds Partners With Opolis

As the world grows more decentralized, cooperation becomes increasingly important. We at Nodeseeds embody this need for cooperation in the form of our amazing community. Collaboration helps us to differentiate ourselves and provide the best user experience possible to our investors.

We identified this same deep commitment to freedom and cooperation in Opolis and are proud to have assisted in capitalizing their protocol launch. …

Hello 🖐 NDS community,

Please find here our first Monthly Report to keep you updated on all general topics:

APRIL 2021 Nodeseeds Investment Report

  • Details on each investments, our price, NDS allocation, etc.
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in April
  • The NDS portfolio.

We initially did not think it was needed to release a report for April as only 2 of our investments listed: Blockbank & Occam. But after careful consideration, we decided that this would set a precedent and show our community how serious we are about Nodeseeds. We welcome every NDS holders and curious minds to read it. Please feel free to give us your feedback so we can implement them for the upcoming reports!

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Nodeseeds is partnering with Stacker Ventures to share information that benefits both communities. In doing so, we demonstrate our commitment to developing the decentralized fund management industry towards transparency and accessibility.

Astounding Growth

It’s been an amazing past few weeks at Nodeseeds. We’ve closed several (six which have been made public) private sale deals, and are regularly reaching over $1 million of daily volume on Uniswap. None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing community. …


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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