TL;DR: Cross-chain bridges are hard. Glitter Finance makes it easy and affordable to use their bridge via their native yield products.

Interoperability remains one of the most programmatically difficult challenges currently facing the crypto and DeFi industries. Simply put, sending assets between incompatible chains risks loss of funds, significant price slippage, and other not-so-desirable outcomes for users. …

Keeping Nodeseeds Democratized

  • The Nodeseeds Liquidity Mining program has been passing out NDS tokens like hotcakes.
  • Good for LPs, bad for decentralization. We’re finding middle ground.
  • 15K NDS tokens remain for the Liquidity Mining Program for a remaining 1.4 years instead of 0.4 years.
  • 10K NDS tokens 100% for the community, but up…

Cryptoxpress and Nodeseeds are a match made in heaven! That’s why we invested in them ;)

What’s In Your (Crypto) Wallet?

We’ll play it safe and assume the vast majority of readers know and love crypto and Defi. With that said, securing your assets should remain very high on your list of priorities. Balancing your…

Nodeseeds and Lupa X Capital have partnered to bring greater aggregate value to our mutual investments!

If you’ve ever run a business, you know just how hard it can be to differentiate yourself from your competitors. DeFi faces this same struggle, along with a wide range of additional pitfalls. Between and 24/7 global financial payments, and the smattering of dubious industry actors, a lot can go…

Nodeseeds has invested in Continuum World, a Play-to-Earn MMO built on Polygon!

With NFTs having taken the world by storm, various participants in the DeFi industry have begun to piece together the diverse components that comprise the ecosystem. One powerful potential arising from NFT’s functionality comes in the form of…

We’re now past September 21st, 2021, the unlocking date for the Team (15,000 NDS) and Marketing (15,000 NDS) token allocations! Nodeseeds would like to clarify our intent for these allocations and explain how our updated NDS tokenomics will benefit the Nodeseeds community for years to come!

How Time Flies

To contextualize the demand…

  • TL;DR: Solana rocketed into the top ten for a reason. SolStreet represents the latest in a line of groundbreaking projects within the Solana ecosystem. Naturally, Nodeseeds notices a good investment when we see one 😉

Every cryptocurrency or Defi project in the industry undoubtedly covets one of the top ten…

Nodeseeds has invested in Theos, a paradise for DeFi NFTs!

Many passive observers remain enthralled by the outsized yields of DeFi. The ability to part your cryptographic asset in a platform named for a breakfast item and outperform the S&P 500 deserves recognition. With this powerful proof of concept fresh in the minds of the global consumer, a new blockchain-powered…

Nodeseeds secured an investment in OH! Finance, a DeFi platform offering optimized yield-generating products.

Oh! Finance, a fickle and elusive mistress, are you! Thankfully, nobody really talks like that anymore outside of theatre performances, but the sentiment rings true. In the rapidly evolving world of DeFi, optimizing your asset’s yield generation has become a game of whack-a-mole.

CardWallet joins the Nodeseeds list of excellent investments!

In DeFi, there are no well-established, centralized industry giants — after all, if innovation were a spear, we’d be on the very tip. That makes storing your assets a bit of a tricky process. You can maximize convenience and trust a third party to serve as a custodian. Alternatively, you…


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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