AMA — Occam & Nodeseeds — 20/04/21


1. Occam is a project that has a large scope, Bridge, Dex, Launchpad, Dao… and more.

Can you tell us a bit about your DEX & AMM protocol ? How will it be different from the ones we’re used to on ETH mainnet e.g. Uniswap, balancer, etc.

Sure! Firstly, we want to say a big hello to the Nodeseeds community, the quality of questions you asked was great and we’re really happy to be here.

Great question!

So, is an entire DeFi ecosystem designed for the Cardano blockchain. Our first component, the one many of you may have seen so far, is OccamRazer, the first truly decentralized launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem.

We are also going to be releasing details of OccamX — our own DEX — very soon as you have mentioned. There will also be the OccamDAO, and much more. It will be similar to some of the DeFi ecosystems we recognise today on Ethereum, but crucially, this is the first full-stack DeFi ecosystem for Cardano, and we think that’s huge.

Cardano released native tokens in March through the Mary hard fork, and smart contracts will come very soon through the Alonzo hard fork, so we think the time is very ripe to innovate in the Cardano ecosystem.

Thanks for the detailed answer, definitely, we can see how Occam will become a building block in the Cardano ecosystem.

2. So how do you think OCCAM will help the Cardano ecosystem to grow then? What are your ties with the Cardano foundation? Do you work & develop hand in hand with them?

The main way we can help the Cardano ecosystem to grow is by giving projects that require capital to grow their ideas adequate access to funding through our launchpad. Initiatives such as Project Catalyst are important, but don’t allow access to the huge amounts of capital needed to bootstrap a project to a fully functioning organisation. This is where OccamRazer comes in.

We do not have any official affiliation with the Cardano Foundation. We think the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, and IOHK are highly important entities however, and we will look for ways that we can add value to the overall Cardano ecosystem.

Great! So you mentioned the OccamDAO earlier, let’s talk about it

3. Can you please develop on who can become part of the DAO and what kind of decisions would be taken by them in the OCCAM strategy?

Sure! So, the OccamDAO will eventually be a governing force for the platform, which will empower a self-sustaining ecosystem.

The most important function of the DAO in its infancy will be to carry out our continuous ecosystem diversification mandate, which involves buying a portion of the available IDO tokens for launchpad projects which attain ProjectX status.

The OccamDAO will then reward OCC stakers with at least $2,000 staked with these tokens, helping startups to reach their funding targets, and incentivising OCC stakers. The DAO will be governed through smart contracts and community-led governance, and we will develop out these principles and present them to the community in the coming weeks.

Awesome, thinking of a DAO from the ground up is a great way to show trust to the community.

A lot of people ask us all the time about OccamRazer, so let’s talk about it:

4. In your Occam razer deck you are speaking about an auto investment functionality. Can you describe this option for OCC stakers? How does it work?

Your community have clearly been deep diving into our whitepaper and deck! 🚀

Actually, the OccamDAO and the auto-invest feature are intrinsically linked. Therefore, the question above goes quite some way to describing how this functionality will work. Let’s instead discuss the benefits for OCC stakers.

Essentially, our auto invest functionality through the OccamDAO means that anyone with at least $2,000 in OCC staked to the protocol receives a guaranteed reward in the tokens of high-quality projects launching on the OccamRazer launchpad (i.e., those which attain ProjectX status).

This is a revolutionary feature, because it both provides incentives for projects to strive to be recognised as a high-quality project and receive investment, and it also increases the amount of OCC staked, thus influencing our tokenomics.

5. So let’s chat about the Project X status that you mentioned. To be backed by OccamRazer, projects will need to apply for the project X status. What kind of project will you look at incubating in the OccamRazer? Will you focus only on projects adding value to the ADA chain, or others as well?

ProjectX status will be granted to projects that achieve a number of milestones, both in terms of their professionalism, their scope, their community, and through proving that they are here for the overall good of the ecosystem.

Our core focus is indeed those projects that are building for, or delivering value to, the Cardano blockchain and community — after all, we are a launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem!

ProjectX status can theoretically be granted to any high-quality project launching through the OccamRazer launchpad.

Perfect! And I know for sure there already plenty of high quality projects currently building on Cardano ! 🚀

6. Let’s talk about something you released recently. You launched few days ago an hackathon challenge, did you get some involvement already? Could you tell us about these maybe a bit?

Yeah sure! So we opened applications yesterday, and we have to say, we are incredibly excited about the proposals we have received so far! It wouldn’t be fair for us to reveal details on proposals while the applications are still open. However, what we can say is that when voting opens, the community will be an important part of the selection process. So stay tuned for this.

If you are a developer and you have an idea you would like to propose, please submit it here:

We encourage all to apply and we really look forward to receiving your applications!

Ok we’ll have a final question about the OCC token. You already talked about the guaranteed rewards for stakers of $2,000 in OCC.

7. What is another important aspect that you would highlight that adds value to the OCC token?

Yeah you are right, but maybe we can add some more info there. There are no restrictions or minimum token requirements on entering public liquidity pools in the OccamRazer platform. However, some private pool operators may set a minimum OCC threshold — but this is entirely up to pool originators, not the team. To receive rewards from ProjectX auto invest features, as we have mentioned, participants will need to have at least $2,000 in OCC staked in the protocol.

As we have touched on already, the most important value add for OCC is its role in both staking, and the potential to receive rewards in ProjectX tokens should your stake be significant enough.

We will look for news ways to consistently add value to the OCC token going forward.

You can read more on our tokenomics here:

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