How Solstreet shapes the Solana landscapes

Every cryptocurrency or Defi project in the industry undoubtedly covets one of the top ten spots on the popular industry aggregators. Landing one of the top slots on CoinGecko can make the difference between catching the public eye or blending in with the crowd. Solana recently broke the top ten for a good reason. The rising star of the crypto and DeFi industry continues to outpace competitors in terms of technical developments and successful project launches. SolStreet represents the latest highly successful project to launch on Solana, but before we dive into their offerings, let’s have a brief recap of what sets the Solana ecosystem apart from its competitors.

The Solana blockchain offers lightning-fast speeds of sub-second block times. This highly impressive speed translates to massive throughput potential. Solana can process as many as 65,000 transactions per second. For context, the Ethereum main blockchain can only handle around 30 transactions per second. With a throughput 2000 times greater than the second largest public ledger by market cap, Solana’s position seems well-deserved. Top all this off with transaction fees of less than 1% of one penny ($0.0001 when written numerically, and the differentiating factors of Solana become clear.

Great DeFi Medicine

Serum sets the bar for efficient market activity, providing users with a powerful decentralized exchange to trade in almost any asset in the industry. Anyone who has used a decentralized exchange knows that user interfaces and experiences can range from seamless to traumatizing. The young nature of the DeFi industry means that decentralized applications disproportionately attract talented back-end developers who solve complex quandaries. However, equally important to the end-user is the experience of using these applications. Serum delivers the luxurious experience afforded by a centralized exchange, all within the completely decentralized environment of the Solana ecosystem.

Naturally, such elegant functionality and affordable trades have attracted a lot of new liquidity to the Solana ecosystem. The logical next step came in the form of Raydium, a DeFi yield platform that leverages the deep liquidity available in the Solana ecosystem. Tailor built to interface with Serum, Raydium allows users to yield farm for highly competitive returns. Additionally, the AcceleRaytor offers aspiring blockchain teams the chance to launch in a developed ecosystem rich in liquidity and user interest.

The Sky is the Limit

Solana’s meteoric rise to the top ranks seems justified given its easy access to world-class launchpads and incredibly deep liquidity, but one thing in particular sets Solana apart: access.. New projects continue to launch on Solana daily, with SolStreet being one of the most recent. SolStreet offers a seamless investment management experience, allowing fund managers to build custom portfolios and grow their total assets under management all while enjoying the ultra-low fees and seamless accessibility afforded by the Solana ecosystem.

SolStreet stands tall amongst their competition with this robust service offerings and by leveraging the cutting edge functionality of Solana. Traditional asset management entails often opaque and esoteric processes spread across many platforms. Unfortunately, some of these habits have translated to early DeFi asset management platforms as well. SolStreet removes these ingrained inefficiencies by allowing users to take leveraged positions, short sell, and utilize platform-native index funds all in one place. Perhaps most impactfully, SolStreet removes the minimum capital requirements that currently serve as a barrier to entry for asset management.

Investors benefit significantly from the ability to invest as little as they want. Traditional financial firms require a hefty minimum investment. Retail trading giant Robinhood requires users maintain a minimum balance of $2000 to access certain features within the platform. Alternatively, SolStreet investors only need to gover the Solana gas fees (around $0.05 at the time of writing) to invest whatever amount they’d like — no min or max. SolStreet also allows users to retain custody of their funds via a smart contract. This process ensures that any user of SolStreet retains ownership of their principal investment, not the fund manager.

Cutting-Edge, But Accessible

Whether you’re focused on fund management, launching a project, or seeking to learn more about the growing world of DeFi, the Solana ecosystem remains one of the most easily accessible protocols in the industry. The thoughtful attention to detail in the initial service offerings on the platform fomented the blockchain’s rapid rise through the ranks. While past performance doesn’t necessarily indicate future success, it’s hard to imagine a protocol the size of Solana going the way of the dinosaur. The many promising projects that were recently launched stand as a testament to the growing applicability of the ecosystem in the minds of DeFi users and the public. As global adoption of blockchain technology continues to evolve, we at Nodeseeds fully expect Solana to remain a competitive and attractive ecosystem for promising projects.

Watching the Solana ecosystem blossom has been a fantastic experience for the Nodeseeds team and community. By witnessing the nascent stages of an emerging industry giant, we’re reminded that all great things stem from humble beginnings, careful planning, and thoughtful execution. SolStreet represents another step in Solana’s journey to capture the lion’s share of liquidity available in the DeFi ecosystem. Nodeseeds happily supports projects like SolStreet as we assist hardworking teams in achieving their goals. Want to keep up with the exciting developments at Nodeseeds? Check us out on social media, and make sure to read our monthly newsletter. It’s filled to the brim with information regarding just how skilled the Nodeseeds team and community are at finding fantastic investments that outperform the broader market.

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