Introducing Nodeseeds

For the past year, since the Defi explosion in Summer 2020, we have seen investors getting burned by private sales contributors. Most investors are left out and can only invest at an unfair rate in public sales or, even worse, on AMM once tokens are listed. This is why we decided to tokenize our private presales and seeds rounds investments in early crypto & blockchain projects. In other words, Nodeseeds is your hedge against the presales’ markets that currently takes place on various IDO platforms.

The issue

Furthermore, even for investors who participate in public sales, the price they get per token is significantly higher than what private sales investors get. In addition to that, public sales investors are compromising on:

  • Identity — They usually need to do KYC on shady platforms in order to invest in public sales.
  • Gains— Investments are generally capped at 400–900USD, even for big holders of the IDO platform’s tokens (e.g. POLS, DUCK).
  • Privacy — Accessing whitelists compromise your wallet and very often are oversubscribed and hard to get in anyway.

With us, things are much simpler. Just hold NDS tokens anonymously on a private wallet, and we will buy & burn NDS with our profits on a weekly basis.

We redistribute profits

40% of all profits will be used to buy back & burn NDS tokens on Uniswap.
45% of all profits will be immediately reinvested in next upcoming private sales.
15% of all profits go to Nodeseeds.

The NDS tokens can therefore be viewed as an index representing private sales earnings.

Please note that in order to support projects we invest in, we will not “dump” our tokens got in presales. We will decide of a right time to sell some of it in order to get earnings, step by step. It is not our intention to harm projects, quite the contrary. This means that even if some of our tokens are not vested, selling or holding them will be a discretionary decision.

To know more about the NDS token, please have a read through our second blog post here on medium.


We are looking for projects who are just starting out and need funds. Even better, we aim at creating solid long-term partnerships with people who share our ethos.

If you recognize yourself in this description, and if you are launching your crypto project and need funds, please get in touch.

Who we are & what capital do we have to invest?

More on that in our second blog post about the NDS tokens soon.

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects