JUNE 2021β€” NDS Report

Hello πŸ– NDS community,

Please find here our third Monthly Report to keep you updated on all general topics:

June 2021 Nodeseeds Investment Report

  • First buy back & burn
  • Details on 4 new investments & previous ones
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in June
  • The NDS portfolio that keeps growing

We are happy to announce that June 2021 is our first profitable month (and we launched just 3 months ago!) as well as the month of our first buy back & burn. We are excited for July and August as we will reveal new partnerships with other VCs, and new tokenomics of the NDS token. As usualy, prepare your drink, make sure you sit comfortably and have a read through the report! Please feel free to give us your feedback so we can implement them for the upcoming reports!

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