Lupa X Capital — Nodeseeds

Nodeseeds and Lupa X Capital have partnered to bring greater aggregate value to our mutual investments!

Knowing What You Know

If you’ve ever run a business, you know just how hard it can be to differentiate yourself from your competitors. DeFi faces this same struggle, along with a wide range of additional pitfalls. Between and 24/7 global financial payments, and the smattering of dubious industry actors, a lot can go wrong. Investors of all sizes must undertake thorough due diligence to ensure they’re securing a legitimate deal.

This reality means that teams need exemplary documentation and reports demonstrating their project’s legitimacy to potential investors. Lupa X Capital aids both projects and investors by crafting insightful documentation for and about DeFi projects. Their reports help teams grow to their full potential and aid investors in establishing the validity of their investments.

Reliable Reports

Both the Lupa X Capital and the Nodeseeds teams understand the difficulties that design stage projects encounter. Teams must simultaneously build their incentive systems while generating project interest. Lupa X Capital takes the headache out of the launching process by assisting young teams with their incentive structures and overseeing online campaigns to help generate organic engagement with the project. Lupa X Capital assists young teams by laying tracks across an otherwise confusing and bumpy DeFi landscape.

We here at Nodeseeds also have some skin in the game regarding Lupa X Capital’s reports. We’re on the front lines of DeFi, sorting through dozens of projects ranging from ad hoc cash grabs to hidden gems. It’s crucial that we utilize the best resources in the industry to make insightful investment decisions for the benefit of all NDS token holders. For this reason, Nodeseeds gladly partners with Lupa X Capital as we continue to foster mutually beneficial wins in the DeFi industry.

A Growing Ecosystem

When it comes to securing fantastic, mutually beneficial partnerships, this isn’t Nodeseeds’ first rodeo. As the DeFi industry continues to grow, we’re consistently reminded of the significant overlap in value presented by industry actors. Our recent partnership with Lupa X Capital represents another significant step in our journey to democratize the seed round investment process.

Want to keep up with the latest and greatest Nodeseeds progress? Make sure to follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest investments, partnerships, and announcements! We also release monthly investment reports reflecting all of the exciting activity at Nodeseeds over the past month. We’re growing quickly, so you won’t want to miss it!

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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