NDS Liquidity Mining Program

  • 2000 NDS have already been distributed to early supporters of Nodeseeds: members of the FERA Beasts group.
  • 3000 NDS are kept aside for upcoming community incentives.
  • 15,000 are locked for 1 year. When unlocked in 1 year, the private group/DAO will have a think about the use and distribution. The DAO could for instance decide to burn them.
  • 15,000 NDS are distributed weekly to NDS-ETH liquidity providers over a 1 year period.

This week, 577 NDS tokens (40 245,75$ at the time of writing) will be distributed proportionally to liquidity providers of the NDS-ETH pair on Uniswap.

How to take part ?



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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects