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1Up is a video game blockchain platform that gamifies the user experience and accelerates global blockchain adoption. Nodeseeds proudly partnered with 1Up to expand the world of DeFi!

Mario On Chain

A popular psychological mechanism known as “The Engagement Loop” stands at the heart of the 1Up protocol’s gamification mechanism. This psychological state allows users to derive a sense of tranquility and value from engaging in the same activity repeatedly — it’s why we’ve all fallen down a video game or Netflix rabbit hole for hours on end. The 1Up protocol leverages this psychological state to increase user engagement and retain users for the long term. 1Up allows the general public to interface with blockchain technology without knowing they’re using a blockchain at all.

25 Cents to Play?

In true video game fashion, 1Up allows players to accrue useful items over time in the form of NFTs. By adding gameplay value to NFTs, 1Up successfully identifies an additional layer of value for the nascent blockchain assets that extend beyond simple collectibles. Various game augmenting NFTs remain hidden throughout the various game rounds, further incentivizing users to play on the 1Up platform. By staking these NFTs, users can earn a percentage of item sales that occurs on the platform. 1Up offers users an enjoyable gaming experience and skin in the game via NFT staking.

Accelerating Success

We at Nodeseeds look forward to deepening our relationship with the 1Up team and protocol and assisting in bringing blockchain to the masses!

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