Nodeseeds invests in Bitspawn

Bitspawn leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. Nodeseeds secured a slice of the virtual pie for our NDS token holders.

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Bitspawn unlocks the long tail value of the video game sponsorship market via its tokenized blockchain platform. Their SPWN token acts as the medium of exchange between players, sponsors, and developers who utilize the network. Built on the Solana blockchain, Bitspawn is a fresh approach to esports built on a relatively new blockchain. As distributed technology disrupts various industries worldwide, Bitspawn is well-positioned to take advantage of the untapped latent value in the global esports marketplace.

Leveling Up The Gaming Industry

Bitspawn understands the incredible latent value of the positions they respectively occupy within the esports and blockchain industries. As such, the protocol allows users large degrees of freedom when it comes to developing their own communities within the Bitspawn ecosystem. Users can form guilds and other community configurations and cooperate or compete with one another across any configuration of games. The inclusion of developers and sponsors allows for continuity between selected games and introduces new opportunities for interoperative value.

The speed at which grassroots community involvement can give rise to incentivized event organization remains at the heart of the Bitspawn protocol. The current environment of manual networking, venue procurement, and securing sponsorship requires digital optimization. Bitspawn accomplishes this via their decentralized blockchain network. The Bitspawn DAO ensures that network participants with the most skin in the game maintain the greatest proportional stake in network governance. The native Bitspawn NFT marketplace allows users to mint both events, in-game occurrences, and assets into NFTs directly on the platform.

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