Nodeseeds invests in

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our first investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. is part of our portfolio.

Blockbank brings the best of both CeFi and DeFi world to crypto enthusiasts. They offer their customer access to a non-custodial app that provides DeFi benefits to the users such as:

  • Cross-chain swaps
  • Yield generation
  • Staking
  • AI Robo-advisor features
  • etc.

Perhaps the feature we find the most exciting is their AI Robo-Advisory that will monitor, gather, and provide data in real-time based on investment preferences to maximize gains and minimize unnecessary losses.

This is a feature that has been extensively used in traditional finance these last few years, especially with companies investing ETFs & index funds. We believe that bringing this to crypto, and especially to a non-custodial wallet, will be game changing.

These are just some of Blockbank strengths. The BANK token will be well-integrated in their app as holding a certain amount of BANK will increase your staking percentage. Please check below BANK tokenomics:

Upcoming AMA with Nolvia Serrano (ex AAVE)

Remember, if you are a $NDS holder, this means that you are indirectly invested in Blockbank too, as we will use 40% of our profits to buy back & burn NDS tokens.

Thus, we believe that all our investors should be actively involved in our investment, and have the rights to answer questions directly to the Blockbank team.

At some point in the coming weeks, we will be welcoming Nolvia Serrano in our Telegram group. She is the Blockbank CMO, and will be attending an AMA for all Nodeseeds investors in our main telegram group.

Nolvia Serrano — CMO (ex AAVE)

Nodeseeds Allocation

We have secured a $30k allocation in

  • Nodeseeds invested $20k
  • 10 investors from the Nodeseeds private group have secured a $1k allocation to invest with us.

We, as Nodeseeds, therefore have 20K$ invested & our private investors 10K$. Our vesting schedule with Blockbank is as follow: there is a 2 month lockup period followed by a 10% released monthly. TGE is on the 26th of April.

We could not have wished for a better investment to start our adventure as a Venture Capital in the crypto space. Blockbank already has a working product, and everyone there has been working extremely hard these past few months to get ready for their launch on the 26th April (TGE).

Official links — Nodeseeds


Official links — Blockbank





Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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