Nodeseeds invests in Blockpad

Nodeseeds has invested in BlockPad, a community-centric blockchain launchpad for the Binance ecosystem.

Partnership Details

What’s worse: having the rug pulled on a project in which you’ve invested or finding out that a project has virtually zero liquidity? The answer is neither. Thankfully, BlockPad solves both issues for investors. It is for this reason that Nodeseeds has proudly invested in BlockPad’s initial launch.

The transparency that BlockPad strives to bring to the Binance ecosystem is admirable. As a transparent and community-centric protocol, Nodeseeds seeks to empower upstanding projects and assist them in reaching their goals. Rug pulling and liquidity draining continue to plague projects post-launch. These forces have the potential to destroy an otherwise promising project ran by upstanding individuals.

The BlockPad Model

BlockPad gives users a voice in the protocol via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing them to cast votes proportional to their token ownership. This process ensures that only high-quality projects launch on the BlockPad platform. Token allocations are also determined using proportional token ownership, simplifying the process of voting and investing for users. By staking BlockPad tokens (BLP), users maintain the opportunity to receive additional BLP. Staking also allows users to participate in token sales and governance, rewarding the most engaged members of the community.

Launching an IDO on BlockPad is a turnkey process. Once the community votes to accept a project via the BlockPad native DAO, the community provides capital to the project. An algorithmically predetermined number of tokens automatically locks via the BlockPad smart contract to ensure ample liquidity for investors. Additionally, the proportional allocation model used by BlockPad removes the first come/first serve models popular in other IDO platforms. By shifting this model to a more fair and equitable distribution methodology, BlockPad allows anyone to invest in high-quality IDOs.

With a total token supply of ten million (10,000,000), BlockPad’s launch signals to the crypto community how to achieve a fair and equitable launch for users. The platform seeks to raise $1,325,000 with an initial market cap of $396,000. This modest amount demonstrates the BlockPad team’s commitment to fairness and accessibility, especially considering many projects raise tens of millions for vaporware.

Mutual Benefits Everywhere

The Nodeseeds team and community work tirelessly to identify promising DeFi teams and projects. If you’re in any of our social media channels, you’re likely very well aware of how much sweat equity our cherished community members contribute. Fairness and accessibility are hard-wired in the Nodeseeds ethos. We are excited to share these values with the BlockPad team as they bring equitable access to the IDO process.

Want to know how things are going with Nodeseeds? Check out our first-ever monthly investment report for a peek under the hood. Make sure to connect with us via social media to stay up to date with our latest investments and partnerships!

Official links — Blockpad

Telegram — Announcements

Official links — Nodeseeds

Telegram — Announcements

Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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