Nodeseeds invests in Cardwallet

CardWallet joins the Nodeseeds list of excellent investments!

What’s In Your (Crypto) Wallet?

In DeFi, there are no well-established, centralized industry giants — after all, if innovation were a spear, we’d be on the very tip. That makes storing your assets a bit of a tricky process. You can maximize convenience and trust a third party to serve as a custodian. Alternatively, you can go the safe route and use a non-custodial wallet. The choices are good but far from great.

Enter CardWallet, the first cross-chain, non-custodial wallet built specifically for the Cardano ecosystem. When it comes to storing your Cardano-based tokens, CardWallet is the obvious choice. As a Cardano-native asset, they automatically support the storing and exchanging of any token built on the Cardano blockchain.

Crucial Key Features

When it comes to crypto and DeFi, there are few things more crucial than privacy and security. A lack of either paints a target on your back, and countless poor souls have lost their assets to scams and hacks. CardWallet keeps the essentials at heart, maximizing user privacy and security. As a non-custodial entity, CardWallet allows users to retain full control of their private keys at all times.

Interfacing with CardWallet is simple — just download and use the app. No registration, KYC, or DNA samples required. As a cross-chain wallet, CardWallet allows users to transact with assets based outside of the Cardano ecosystem, further demonstrating the growing importance of cross-chain interoperability. In addition to allowing for cross-chain transactions, CardWallet acts as a liquidity routing engine, ensuring that users secure the best prices and minimum slippage when transacting.

Astute users may recall Nodeseed’s prior partnership with, the first incubator and IDO launchpad in the Cardano ecosystem. We’re pleased to announce that Occam. Fi incubated the CardWallet platform. This successful incubation demonstrates the caliber of projects identified by the Nodeseed’s team and community and our investment model’s positive feedback loop.

Success is in The Card(Wallet)

Excellent teams and ardent builders recognize these qualities in others. Nodeseeds recognized that the CardWallet team shares these qualities and our values. We’re proud to support promising teams and projects, and doubly so when these projects garner the support of teams within our portfolio and partner network! As the industry continues to grow rapidly, we’re confident in CardWallet’s future success.

Speaking of DeFi growth, we’re at the heart of the process. Dealing with the investment process means that the Nodeseeds team and community get a front-row seat to the latest and greatest DeFi offers. If you want a sneak peek of the action, make sure to follow us on social media. If you’re looking for a recap, check out our monthly investment reports. They’re chocked full of the previous month’s happenings.

Official links — Cardwallet

Telegram — Announcements

Official links — Nodeseeds

Telegram — Announcements

Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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