Nodeseeds invests in Continuum

Nodeseeds has invested in Continuum World, a Play-to-Earn MMO built on Polygon!

With NFTs having taken the world by storm, various participants in the DeFi industry have begun to piece together the diverse components that comprise the ecosystem. One powerful potential arising from NFT’s functionality comes in the form of the metaverse. By combining the non-fungible aspects of a virtual world with a fungible medium of exchange, the current configuration for virtual worlds gets turned on its head!

In a metaverse, users can interact with one another in dynamic ways, trading virtual property while augmenting the virtual world in which they’re participating. The play-to-earn system has already begun revolutionizing the gaming industry. From novel card games to immersive virtual reality environments, things have changed rapidly. Continuum World represents one of the most well-versed and professional teams to break ground in this emerging ecosystem!

The Continuum World environment takes place on a lush, Earth-like planet rich in resources and boastful of its unique characteristics. The many floating islands and unique vegetation help users feel almost at home yet sufficiently enchanted by the new, ever-growing world around them. Users can interact with the diverse resources of Continuum World in various ways, improving their owned plots of land as they see fit and profiting from their in-game activity.

Users can stake their claim in the Continuum World metaverse in exchange for Ethereum tokens. The price of a given plot of land directly correlates with its available resources, proximity to other players, and plot improvements in the surrounding area. Once purchased, users can gather resources and improve their land to generate $UM tokens. This process allows individuals who take the time to cultivate their owned plots and improve the virtual world can monetarily benefit from their in-game actions. In this way, Continuum World allows users to get paid for their in-game labor.

The diverse opportunities afforded to players in Continuum World allow any gameplay style to benefit from the play-to-earn system. Plantations that passively grow crops, fish farms that produce diverse aquatic yields, and power generators that fuel these activities represent just a handful of potential opportunities for landowners. Continuum World delivers financial efficacy to dedicated players with a near-endless number of configurations within a rich metaverse landscape.

Backed by a team of experienced Singaporean game and blockchain developers, Playchain Pte. LTD is no stranger to pushing video games to new heights. Every ship needs a captain, and with a highly competent team at the helm, Continuum World represents an incredibly promising push towards developing virtual worlds that treat their users fairly while facilitating a deeply enjoyable gameplay experience.

Games often get a bad reputation as a time sink, serving as a passive form of entertainment that does little to reward the player outside of short-term enjoyment. With Continuum World leveraging the play-to-earn incentive system, this trend has undergone a rapid reversal. By delivering equity to dedicated players, thoughtful metaverses like Continuum World are well-positioned to stand the test of time.

Here at Nodeseeds, our mission of decentralizing the investment process meshes perfectly with the ethos of standing the test of time. We consistently seek out promising projects and teams, facilitating mutually beneficial connections across the industry. Are you or is someone you know involved in a DeFi project? Let’s talk. Check out our social media or drop us a line via email and tell us how we can help you and your team achieve success!

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