Nodeseeds invests in Cornucopias

Nodeseeds has secured an investment in Cornucopias, a play-to-earn blockchain island adventure!

Online video games have revolutionized how we relax, communicate, and socialize. From competing with one another in virtual arenas to working together in building previously unimaginable digital worlds, games have come a long way in recent years. For the first time, the rise of professional competitive gaming offers players the opportunity to profit from doing what they love. Unfortunately, this opportunity remains an elusive dream for all but the best-performing competitive players. If you play casually, or combat games aren’t your style, then you’re out of luck.

Cornucopias allows players with any playstyle to benefit from their in-game activity using their cutting-edge, play-to-earn tokenomic system. Players can own land, create ownable digital assets, and trade with one another in this dynamic virtual setting. Cornucopias taps into a lucrative and rapidly growing market niche by allowing players of any playstyle to reap the financial fruits of their digital labor.

Cornucopias understands that people approach games in diverse ways. Some of us carefully consider the information relayed to us by in-game characters and craft detailed strategies to come out ahead of other players. Others tap the skip button faster than the game can register, eager to start their journey and learn about the world in their own ways. To accommodate for this diverse range of play styles, Cornucopias offers three distinct regions in which players can compete against one another in a series of mini-games. The Wild West zone, Farm Life zone, and Age of The Samurai zone offer diverse opportunities to experience the incentivized Cornucopias ecosystem.

Cornucopias utilizes a voxel environment built on the Unreal 5 engine, allowing for a seamless gameplay experience on nearly any device. One in-game, players can explore the metaverse in Cornucopias, freely moving between zones and mini-games at their leisure. This dynamically paced environment allows any player to absorb themselves into the virtual landscape. The most creative players can design tools, furniture, and other items and mint them into an “Island Blueprint” in the form of an NFT. Other players can use in-game currency to purchase these blueprints and craft the item using resources gathered in the game.

The impact of crafting an incentivized metaverse using blockchain technology is hard to overstate. The positive feedback loops found within games have portended their meteoric rise in the public mind — we’ve come a long way from arcades being an exclusive nerd hangout spot. As the world grows increasingly digital, Cornucopias facilitates an enjoyable gameplay environment with massive applicability to existing brands and services. More than just a virtual NFT video game, Cornucopias has begun building the metaverse infrastructure for tomorrow’s digital economy.

With NFTs now making significant public inroads while video games now appeal to the mass market, Cornucopias has set itself up for significant success. Backed by a highly qualified team with diverse professional backgrounds and boasting an advisory board of industry superstars, we at Nodeseeds remain optimistic about the project! As virtual economies command seemingly ever-higher market valuations, Cornucopias has positioned itself to ease this transition for existing companies and make the process fun and engaging for a retail audience.

Nodeseeds helps to build the world of DeFi twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This industry never sleeps. Thanks to the amazingly dynamic and highly capable Nodeseeds community, neither does the consistent accrual of value for the NDS token. The community exists as the lifeblood of the project — the possibilities of this nascent industry constantly humble us. Cornucopias represents another amazing connection and investment and serves as an example of the excellent things to come for Nodeseeds and all of DeFi!

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