Nodeseeds invests in CryptoXpress

Cryptoxpress and Nodeseeds are a match made in heaven! That’s why we invested in them ;)

What’s In Your (Crypto) Wallet?

We’ll play it safe and assume the vast majority of readers know and love crypto and Defi. With that said, securing your assets should remain very high on your list of priorities. Balancing your portfolio and operational security can prove a difficult task, especially with the rise of NFTs. To get the drop, you first have to sign a transaction, potentially opening yourself up to exploitation by malicious actors.

Cryptoxpress makes it easy for users to buy, sell, and store their digital assets using their convenient application as a one-stop shop for all of your crypto and DeFi needs! Their sleek wallet interface allows users to access the rapidly growing world of non-fungible tokens while simultaneously offering rich functionality fit for everyday use. This careful balance of form and function make Cryptoxpress a strong contender for the top ranks of crypto wallet solutions.

Forget The Fumbling

Most industry giants focused on onboarding new users to this exciting world of crypto maintain terrible customer support. This unfortunate reality can leave potential users put off from engaging with the life-changing force of the digital economy. Rather than reinventing the wheel with dimly lit support desks, Cryptoxpress boasts a thoughtful, automated advice and support network that helps to guide users in their journey. Additionally, the native chat function allows users to communicate with family and friends directly in the app, allowing users to grow and learn together!

Like traditional mobile banking applications, the Cryptoxpress app retains a familiar form with robust additional functionality. However, Cryptoxpress is so much more than that. Users can buy and sell crypto with the platform’s 3-Click solution, offering seamless exposure to unprecedented levels of portfolio diversity.

Beyond simple buys and sells, users can also engage with the industry’s most well-recognized artistic talent in the form of the Cryptoxpress NFT marketplace. Monetized JPEGs have changed countless lives, and Cryptoxpress has successfully demystified their previously esoteric touchpoints. Users can interact with NFTs to book flights, hotels, and other real-world engagements as they dive into the seamless world of NFTs offered by Cryptoxpress.

We’ve Only Just Begun

It’s easy to forget the friction new users experience if you’re deeply involved with crypto and DeFi. This hurdle represents a significant challenge for otherwise willing participants and serves as a pain point in wider industry adoption. Cryptoxpress helps to move the needle in the right direction with it’s highly accessible service offerings.

Nodeseeds understands user friction — our quest to decentralize the DeFi seed round investment process entails making access as easy as possible for our community members. For this reason and more, we found fast friends in the form of Cryptoxpress. Keep tabs on our social media channels and join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the loop regarding the prescient investments occurring each month at Nodeseeds!

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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