Nodeseeds invests in DeFinity

Another excellent investment identified by the Nodeseeds community. DeFinity disrupts the current Foreign Exchange market paradigm and now joins the list of projects capitalized by Nodeseeds!

Partnership Details

We’re in the midst of incredible paradigm shifts across countless industries. Just as Nodeseeds revolutionizes the investment process and delivers fair value to all our investors, DeFinity boldly tacked the borderline predatory Foreign Exchange Market. In doing so, the company cuts costs for transacting parties and brings transactional capital efficiency to a new level.

How DeFinity Works

Great question, and the answer is: habit. DeFinity leverages DMALINK’s client base of over 50 top banks and hedge funds and combines that network with WeOwn’s financial transaction and crypto expertise. By interfacing with the legacy Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, DeFinity serves as an additional optimization layer to the existing FX marketplace. The result is a seamless platform for near real-time Foreign Transaction Market settlements that both comply with regulatory demands while delivering the speed and reliability of the DeFi industry.

DeFinity’s DEFX token stands at the heart of the ecosystem. There are three major use cases for the token, the first being governance. Token holders help to steer the protocol and make decisions that benefit the DeFinity community. Users can receive a proportional share of 0.25% of all generated network fees by staking their tokens. Finally, DEFX token holders accrue additional rewards in fee reductions, referral program bonuses, and API integration bonuses.

Mutual Disruptors, Mutual Value

While we trend on the side of caution, we’re confident in claiming that things are going very well at Nodeseeds. Our first ever monthly investment report tells the glowing tale of our protocol launch and subsequent investments. We’re pleased to report that May is shaping up to be an even more exciting month for our community. Connect with us on social media to keep up with our rapid growth and announcements regarding investments, partnerships, and more!

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