Nodeseeds invests in deFIRE

Another fantastic Nodeseeds investment. We’ve helped to capitalize deFIRE, a liquidity optimization platform built on Cardano and incubated by Occam.Fi.

The deFIRE Investment

deFIRE tackles this issue directly by optimizing liquidity for users. As a decentralized order execution engine built on Cardano and incubated by Occam.Fi, deFIRE enables cross-chain settlements in a cost-efficient manner. This functionality assists users in achieving the best prices when transacting with their assets. Nodeseeds identified deFIRE early in their development and proudly invested in their seed round, benefiting both projects and our communities.

deFIRE’s Strategy

In addition to serving as an order router, deFIRE guarantees order prioritization on any exchange to which it routes user’s funds. The protocol achieves this prioritization via a proprietary mechanism that sets a gas threshold for submitted transactions. This threshold automatically rejects transactions that exceed the threshold, allowing the mechanism to double as a front-running prevention tool. Using these features, deFIRE elegantly optimizes liquidity for users while ensuring the integrity of its decentralized architecture.

The deFIRE IDO launches on May 21st, 2021, at 4:00 pm CET and CWAP tokens are expected to sell out almost immediately. Nodeseeds enjoy a guaranteed set at the table at amazing prices. We secured a position in the deFIRE IDO for less than half of the public price! Incubated on Occam.Fi, our investment in deFIRE demonstrates the compounding benefits associated with investing with Nodeseeds. We were an early investor in Occam.Fi and now reap the rewards of this mutually beneficial partnership for our community!

Great Community, Great Partnerships

The DeFi industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds with each passing week. It can be difficult to identify and act upon promising opportunities in the industry promptly. Nodeseeds make this breakneck investment environment both manageable and socially engaging. We’d love to connect, share stories and opportunities, and explore how we can continue to grow the industry together for the good of the community. Follow us on social media for regular updates regarding investments, partnerships, and more!

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