Nodeseeds invests in Manufactory

TL;DR: Resource management can be hard — we’re in DeFi after all. ManuFactory brings play-and-earn blockchain mechanics to in-game resource management, making for a seriously fun tactical experience!

Play To What Now?

The play-and-earn model isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve covered this topic extensively in our recent monthly investment report and several of our past investments. The trend has become clear. Players overwhelmingly support gameplay environments that offer an equitable distribution of resources that can be exchanged for fungible financial rewards. However, every player has their preferences, and thus far, we’ve seen a specific playstyle and collection of game modes make up the supermajority of service offerings.

Competitive PvE and PvP RPG environments have dominated launchpad lists as of late. We at Nodeseeds find this incredibly exciting! The dynamic aspects of role-playing games offer players a rich, diverse experience in enticing virtual worlds. Whether slaying dragons with friends to earn in-game bonuses or competing against a fellow human to see who comes out on top, RPGs remain one of the most popular video game environments for a reason. However, variety is the spice of life, and if play-and-earn seeks to change the entire industry, it needs to branch out. That’s why the resource management play-and-earn environment of ManuFactory has been making waves in DeFi circles!

Managing DeFi Growth

Rather than just scratch the surface of the metaverse, ManuFactory allows players to dig deep into their owned virtual property — literally. Players can construct virtual mines that initially entail manually digging into the virtual Earth’s crust in search of rare resources. When found, players can exchange these scarce items for $Factory tokens, which allow the player to create unique, in-game NFT assets. Assets range from weaponry used to defend mines to furnaces and railcars to scale and automate mining operations. In this way, ManuFactory players can scale their operations from small-time, manual cottage industries into sprawling industrial systems!

The implications of this functionality are hard to overstate. Passive earning in the form of staking DeFi assets has become a powerful tool in the minds of millions of global investors. By allowing players to construct passive improvements to their virtual land, ManuFactory leverages the existing virality of passive earning and overlays a genuinely engaging gameplay environment! With six distinct land types in the game, ManuFactory presents players with dynamic opportunities to scale their automated mines into additional verticals, offering countless hours of strategic enjoyment.

For players seeking skin in the game of this fantastic new addition to the metaverse, $Factory tokens can be spent to mint $MFAC tokens. $MFAC tokens serve as the governance token in the ManuFactory metaverse. This governance asset allows players to propose changes that go to a community vote. This configuration makes ManuFactory a completely decentralized, community-driven metaverse project. The finite nature of $Factory tokens means that voting rights maintain correlating scarcity. Those that build the world of ManuFactory will, in turn, own the world of ManuFactory!

Better Every Quarter!

There’s so much more we can add about the ManuFactory ecosystem. The transaction tax configuration ensures a sustainable future for years to come. Battle passes allow power uses the ability to flex their exclusive in-game assets. Yield farming presents even more passive income opportunities to players. The pixelated nature means that any individual from Zoomer to Boomer can immediately recognize and connect with the in-game assets. Needless to say, the Nodeseeds team remains incredibly excited and bullish regarding ManuFactory!

As always, we continue to identify, vet, and capitalize on world-class opportunities like the one found in ManuFactory. The Nodeseeds portfolio continues to grow in size, diversity, and exclusivity. November represented one of the most successful months thus far, and the coming year of 2022 bodes even greater promises for the community! We’re excited to take part in the amazing things that the ManuFactory team brings to the table. Make sure to follow Nodeseeds’ and ManuFactory’s social media accounts to stay up to date with the latest and greatest occurrences.

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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