Nodeseeds invests in NFTFY

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our fourth investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. is part of our portfolio.

NFTFY is a permisionless & decentralized protocol that allows anyone to fractionize NFTs into ERC20 tokens. The dapp guarantees the backing of these Fractions of the NFT also the rights of all the tokenholders to share ownership of the NFT.

Recently, the crypto & DeFi space have known an unprecedented hype for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) who can represent practically anything, such as digital game items, collectibles, virtual lands, art pieces, etc.

However, three main problems remain for investors who want to interact with NFTs:

  • Low liquidity limits the presence of more investors in the NFT ecosystem.
  • The high investment risk for investors of buying an expensive item without diversifying their portfolio.
  • The monetization of assets are worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for them.
  • Building a decentralized open marketplace for anyone to be able to share ownership of NFTs.
  • With NFTFY, NFTs can be fractionized into ERC20 tokens and anyone can buy on the open market a share of an existing NFT, while still mitigating investment risks.

Nodeseeds Allocation

We have secured a $15k allocation in the private round of

Our vesting schedule with NFTFY is as follow:

12% after a 36hrs cliff & 8 monthly installments of 11%.

We at Nodeseeds, believe that NFTFY is solving one of the biggest problem that investors risk when investing in NFTs. By allowing the fractionizing of these assets, they are solving the liquidity issue at the same time. NFTFY is bridging the NFT world with the ERC20 world by bringing NFTs to the mass, and we fully support their vision.

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