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We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our second investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. is part of our portfolio. is building the first comprehensive DeFi suite on Cardano. The OCC token will first be launched for trading as an ERC-20 token. However, it will also be on the Cardano chain in due time. Occam is indeed creating the first cross-chain Cardano — ETH bridge.

OccamX will be a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a Credit Market for Cardano that will be based on a single governance layer: OccamDAO.

OccamRazer is a fundraising DeFi suite (launchpad) made of Flat swaps, Auction swaps, Hybrid swaps that will allow participants to take part in both whitelisted and private pools. Find below the OccamRazer’s building blocks:

Projects can apply for the Project X Status. When acquired, this status signifies that it becomes a highly distinguished project that receives a lot of community attention. This requires sending an amount of OCC to the OccamDAO. Read below for more information about the OCC token.

The OCC token will be fully integrated with the OccamRazer product. For instance, projects who want to apply to launch on OccamRazer will be required to send an amount of OCC to the Occam Association.

OCC holders will also be able to participate in liquidity mining through OccamRazer pools. This will help inject funds into protocols, have community engagement benefits, and will provide economic incentives to participants.

Stakers of OCC tokens will be able to access private OccamRazer pools. Access to these pools will be limited to members who have a minimum number of OCC staked. The default amount will be around $1,000 OCC equivalent but pool originators can increase the amount required to access a private pool.

These are just a few examples of the numerous OCC token utilities. Check the OCC token distribution below:

Nodeseeds Allocation

We have secured a $100k allocation in

  • Nodeseeds invests $25k.
  • The NDS private group invests 75k$.

Our vesting schedule with Occam is as follow:

10% Released at listing. 90% of the other tokens will be released monthly during 12 months, after a 1 month-cliff. are building the first and most exciting DeFi suite to bring liquidity on Cardano. By investing in them, not only do we support Occam, we also support the development of the entire Cardano ecosystem.

Official links — Nodeseeds


Official links — Occam




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