Nodeseeds invests in OH! Finance

Nodeseeds secured an investment in OH! Finance, a DeFi platform offering optimized yield-generating products.

Chasing The Whale

Oh! Finance, a fickle and elusive mistress, are you! Thankfully, nobody really talks like that anymore outside of theatre performances, but the sentiment rings true. In the rapidly evolving world of DeFi, optimizing your asset’s yield generation has become a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as you’ve settled on a viable strategy, another, more lucrative opportunity pops up!

You can spend days optimizing your capital allocation, only to have your best-laid plans torpedoed by a sudden shift in yield or the release of a new protocol. While well-connected, professional yield farming groups nimbly navigate these nerve-wracking waters, the average sailor’s yield regularly gets swallowed up by the choppy DeFi seas. Thankfully, OH! Finance offers an elegant solution to these tumultuous tides.

A Qualified Captain

Given the rapidly shifting landscape of DeFi yield farming, it’s reasonable that the average person actively seeks turn-key solutions to maximize the value of their assets. Enter OH! Finance, which offers a wide variety of yield-generating products via its proprietary approach. Automatically compounding user earners to maximize returns, OH! Finance leverages transaction bundling, intelligent fund rebalancing, and a DeFi Index to ensure the most cutting-edge yield farming strategies.

OH! Finance concluded that the average DeFi investor doesn’t want a nearly endless list of potential options. Rather, most users prefer a curated list of promising investments that maximize their asset’s return. As a platform with fully audited smart contracts, secure oracles, and DeFi insurance policies, OH! Finance presents an easily accessible platform for the average DeFi investor, not just intense enthusiasts.

The OH! Finance platform offers depositors a positive feedback loop in the form of OH! Finance Governance Tokens. Similar to the Nodeseeds model, OH! Finance regularly buys back and burns predetermined amounts of their native asset. This process passes the accrued value of the buy and burn events to shareholders. Additionally, the platform scans the growing DeFi ecosystem for consistently evolving yields, accounting for volume, platform, and smart contract risk before determining the best risk-adjusted yield strategy.

Bagging The Cetacean

While Robert Frost loved the road not taken, there are a lot of roads not taken in DeFi. At some point, users have to pull the trigger on a yield farming strategy. Rather than picking a path from thousands, OH! Finance narrows the potential ways forward to a handful of promising options. Overchoice is a word for a reason — OH! Finance keeps it simple and captures the long tail of the DeFi yield farming market.

So you were glued to the charts and missed some of the exciting developments over at Nodeseeds. That’s okay — we know how fast DeFi moves. That’s why we curated all of the best Nodeseeds happenings over the past month in our monthly newsletter! Make sure to connect with us on social media to access this regular wrap-up when it’s fresh off the press. After all, knowledge is power!

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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