Nodeseeds invests in Opolis

Nodeseeds has invested in Opolis, a blockchain cooperative providing benefits and services to independent workers in the United States and (soon) beyond.

Nodeseeds Partners With Opolis

As the world grows more decentralized, cooperation becomes increasingly important. We at Nodeseeds embody this need for cooperation in the form of our amazing community. Collaboration helps us to differentiate ourselves and provide the best user experience possible to our investors.

How Opolis Works

There are two tiers within the Opolis ecosystem: Employee Members and Coalition Members. Employee Members are independent workers who are co-employed by both an entity they control (corporation, LLC, etc.) and the Employment Commons. Employee Members retain the right to vote in the protocol using accumulated $WORK tokens accrued through semi-monthly payments.

Bringing It All Together

Nodeseeds proudly invests in outstanding DeFi teams and projects that seek to maximize their market penetration and positive social impact. As trustless interactions between individuals become more common, insightful companies like Opolis will continue to address the existing inefficiencies found in most industries thoughtfully. We are incredibly excited to work with Oplis in building a more cooperative and decentralized future.

Official links — Opolis

Full Benefits Guide

Official links — Nodeseeds


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