Nodeseeds invests in Polystarter

PolyStarter is the first decentralized project accelerator launching on Polygon. Nodeseeds has secured a round seed investment in this exciting new project.

Acceleration Station

If you’ve been paying attention to the top DeFi projects, you’ve likely noticed the meteoric rise of Polygon over the last few weeks. Despite the intense market sell-off, Polygon remained incredibly profitable for investors, and for a good reason. The Layer 2 solutions that the Polygon network brings to Ethereum will likely eliminate the high gas fees and interoperability pains currently associated with the network. PolyStarter seeks to accelerate the adoption of the Polygon network by aiding projects in interfacing with the Polygon tech stack.

Why PolyStarter?

As a launchpad, projects that wish to build on Polygon can easily interface with the PolyStarter network to get started. By interfacing directly with the Ethereum network, projects that launch on PolyStarter benefit from the massive network effect of Ethereum. PolyStarter deposits a preset number of tokens into their insurance treasury for each project launched on their network. This process protects contributors from team negligence and provides a form of financial security.

At the heart of the PolyStarter ecosystem is the POLR token. Holders of POLR tokens can interface with PolyStarter’s tiered system, guaranteeing an allocation to projects which are launching on the network. With 50% of all POLR tokens allocated to the pre-sale, the PolyStarter team demonstrates its commitment to decentralization. The need for Layer 2 scaling solutions continues to grow as more users interface with distributed blockchain technologies. As the first project accelerator on Polygon, PolyStarter helps ease some of the pressure associated with scaling some of the most promising technology in the world.

Accelerating Success

It’s been an amazing month so far at Nodeseeds. It isn’t easy to keep track of all the exciting investments, partnerships, and growth that we’ve experienced as a community. Make sure to keep tabs on our social media outlets to stay on top of the rapid developments at Nodeseeds, and keep an eye out for our monthly investment reports!

Official links — Polystarter

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