Nodeseeds invests in Smartswap

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our second investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. is part of our portfolio.

Smartswap are building a smart decentralized exchange (SDEX) providing a one-click cross-chain swap.


This level of centralization is unacceptable for crypto investors in the DeFi world, and Smartswap solves this issue by allowing decentralized, one-click crosschain swaps.


SmartSwap LP providers can also lock funds in the “liquidity fountains” and enjoy receiving SMART tokens plus a spread. When a FLASH swap is performed to rebalance the pool, it picks the best liquidity providers available.

Please check below SMART tokenomics:

Nodeseeds Allocation

  • Nodeseeds & partners invested $13k.
  • 37 investors from the Nodeseeds private group have secured a $1k allocation each to invest with us. They invest $37k.

Our vesting schedule with Smartswap is as follow: all tokens will be unlocked after a 90 days vesting. During these 90 days, SMART tokens will be staking, reducing the effective price for Nodeseeds.

Smartswap innovates in many aspects: tokenomics, Post-Dex Offerings (PDOs), dumpershield… We encourage you to read their whitepaper to understand more about how Smartswap is on track to revolutionize cross-chain swaps.

Official links — Nodeseeds


Official links — Smartswap


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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