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Nodeseeds secured a seed round investment with SolPad, the first decentralized IDO platform for the Solana ecosystem.

The Partnership

The DeFi ecosystem keeps increasing its rate of expansion. New protocols, teams, and innovations occur multiple times per day — it can be a challenge to keep up with it all. Thankfully the amazing Nodeseeds community does a fantastic job of helping one another stay on top of the most promising innovations in the industry. Our amazing community assisted the Nodeseeds team in identifying SolPad as a promising investment opportunity.

What is SolPad?

The primary goal of the SolPad platform is to solve the current lack of liquidity in the Solana ecosystem. Liquidity problems have plagued the crypto industry since its inception, and DeFi solutions are finally getting around to solving this issue in a distributed manner. By offering users a harmonized UX/UI, SolPad enables seamless capital raises on the Solana ecosystem. Their native automated market maker allows for projects that utilize the SolPad platform to immediately offer liquidity to their investors, ensuring relative price stability and minimum slippage.

Building The Future

The Nodeseeds team is incredibly excited to be able to help build the decentralized future. Launchpads have become increasingly crucial to the success of blockchain ecosystems. By allowing projects to launch on their preferred chains and interoperate seamlessly, SolPad embodies the building mentality that defined the DeFi ecosystem. We’re proud to offer the Nodeseeds community an opportunity to invest in another promising project for the long term.

Official links — Solpad


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