Nodeseeds invests in TrustPad

Why TrustPad?

  • TrustPad supports anonymous projects. They use a careful vetting process to protect investors while still supporting development from anon teams.
  • Cross-Chain Capabilities will ensure that TrustPad offers a wide range of projects to their community.
  • Rug-Proof Mechanisms: Instant liquidity locks on listing, and mandatory vesting of team/dev tokens.
  • Guaranteed allocation & a highly deflationary token — On each transaction, a small part of the percentage goes to the burn address, decreasing the circulating supply of $TPAD. Please have a look at the tokenomics below:

Nodeseeds Allocation

  • Nodeseeds invests $12k.
  • The NDS private group invests $40k.



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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects