Nodeseeds Partners With Stacker Ventures

Nodeseeds is partnering with Stacker Ventures to share information that benefits both communities. In doing so, we demonstrate our commitment to developing the decentralized fund management industry towards transparency and accessibility.

Astounding Growth

It’s been an amazing past few weeks at Nodeseeds. We’ve closed several (six which have been made public) private sale deals, and are regularly reaching over $1 million of daily volume on Uniswap. None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing community. Thank you for trusting us to deliver you the best investment experience possible — we’re humbled and proud to have outperformed expectations.

Stacker Venture Partnership

Continuing this trend, Nodeseeds is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Stacker Ventures. As a decentralized autonomous organization built on Ethereum, Stacker Ventures allows members of their community to provide checks and balances in the fund management process. Managers conduct due diligence regarding promising investments and make determinations regarding portfolio allocation under the watchful eyes of investors.

Stacker Ventures Fund One serves as a proof of concept and is their first decentralized venture capital fund. Their active yield fund is an additional investment option, seeking out reliable investment-grade yields for community members. This turn-key process removes many barriers to entry for potential investors, thereby increasing capital efficiency. Stacker Ventures also has an upcoming USDC fund on Polygon, highlighting their commitment to accessibility.

Just Getting Started

Decentralized, community-driven venture capital is the future of the fund management process. Both Stacker Ventures and Nodeseeds prove this thesis via our highly successful early phases. The community’s intense interest in the decentralized fund management process is indicative of incredible growth to come.

We are happy to partner with like-minded and forward-thinking companies like Stacker Ventures to develop this nascent industry further. By sharing information about deal flows, technical developments, and promising projects, Nodeseeds is committed to successfully developing a decentralized fund management industry built on integrity, accountability, and accessibility.

Official Links

Stacker: Website Twitter Telegram

Nodeseeds: Website Twitter Telegram — Email:

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