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TL;DR: Cross-chain liquidity remains a big challenge in the industry. DeFiSpot makes it easy for users to buy crypto with fiat and hop between chains with the click of a button, all with an easy-to-use interface.

The Onramps, They Burn!

Getting money into crypto hasn’t always been easy. The early days of sending funds felt a lot like flying by wire. One wrong move by you, your bank, or your computer network meant your funds could wind up anywhere but where you wanted them to go. Giants like Coinbase have made things far easier. Their sleek user interface makes them the centralized onramp of choice for many users. However, we’re starting to see problems with these black box onramps as they’ve persistently tightened their user requirements. Nowadays, you can’t buy Bitcoin from these centralized nexuses of brokerage without uploading passports, bank statements, and your cat’s dental records.

Enter DeFiSpot, the first cross-chain liquidity platform with a native fiat onramp! With DeFiSpot, users can exchange their fiat for crypto in minutes, all within the easy-to-use application. From there, the sky is the limit. Users can immediately interface with various DeFi-native products and services such as trading, lending, and asset staking. This ease of access makes it easier than ever before to get your feet wet with DeFi, all without having to pay outrageous fees or divulge every crumb of your personal data to brokers.

Brand Means Everything

With this elegant functionality and easy access, DeFiSpot remains conscious that they appeal to a wide range of potential users. Given this broad applicability, the goal of DeFiSpot is to provide a neutral user interface and experience, lacking any bias towards a given network. The emerging tribalism in the crypto and DeFi social ecosystems has confused and off-put many users. There’s nothing quite as discouraging as witnessing heated rivalries that naturally appear convoluted and filled with unfamiliar terms regarding some technology you don’t quite fully understand. That’s why DeFiSpot strives to remove in-group barriers and foster unrivaled access to the diverse world of crypto.

Complimenting this fundamental neutrality is DeFiSpot’s jurisdictional agnosticism. The platform doesn’t enforce any specific jurisdiction’s know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, allowing for a truly global marketplace. No more having to produce your last three years’ worth of taxes just to swap some tokens. This process naturally demands a non-custodial nature for DeFiSpot. The lack of in-app custody of funds completely removes the business risk for users. Unlike centralized exchanges, users don’t have to worry about a centralized company and potentially opaque ledger management practices. DeFiSpot truly embodies the decentralized aspects of the DeFi industry, helping users keep in mind the importance of free access to the rapidly growing financial revolution.

A Revolution of Access

We’re not deaf to the fact that the regulatory tendrils of various global entities have begun to wrap themselves around various DeFi applications that they find less than desirable. This intrusion into the largely untouched realm of digital innovation doesn’t bode well for unfettered access to these innovative tools and technologies. From Uniswap delisting synthetic assets (many of which can be found on DeFiSpot!) to IP blocking technology for Binance, the world of DeFi keeps growing but sometimes feels smaller than ever. DeFiSpot takes a bold stance in allowing users to purchase the digital assets they want rather than the ones often unaware authorities prescribe them.

At Nodeseeds, we firmly support the global financial revolution that is DeFi. We’ve witnessed so many promising teams and communities flourish through mutually beneficial opportunities and cooperation. The industry’s lack of barriers to entry and fluidity portends boundless potential for further collaboration and innovation within the industry. That’s why we proudly support DeFiSpot in their quest to keep the De in DeFi. Make sure to connect with both DeFiSpot and Nodeseeds on social media to keep track of all the amazing happenings with both projects!

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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