Nodeseeds partners with FERA Strategies

We are thrilled to announce our first strategic partner: the already established FERA team.

First you need to know that the FERA team gave us a tremendous amount of support.

Leo, the founder, helped us a lot to get set up as a company. He gave us excellent marketing and technical guidance and followed us as we grew and developed these past few weeks.

What does FERA do ?

FERA developed a platform to review low caps and rate new projects in order to give guidance to new investors who are looking for solid projects to invest in and avoid rugs. Owning 200K FERA gives you access to their platform and their ratings of new projects.

But that is not all. The Fera team also created private groups respectively named FERA Beasts and FERA Lions accessible to all holders of 1Million+ FERA (Beast) and 200K FERA (Lion).

The Lions group will be dedicated to new projects: you will have the possibility to discuss and exchange views and ideas on your favourite projects and drafts, in addition to promoting your preferred ones.
Moreover, also live AMAs on the newest additions to the FERA platform will be held, in order to better get in touch with the vision of the various crypto teams.

So why do we partner with FERA?

This is not a meaningless partnership, it is a real one and we will actually both benefit from each others. FERA, as per their line of work, will help us identifying early promising low caps, and we will work together to secure deals with early blockchain projects.

But there’s more than just the business side of this, FERA & Nodeseeds are looking at creating a long-term relationship and collaboration.

We are extremely excited to be working with FERA in the near future — Check them out!

FERA — Official links


Nodeseeds — Official links





Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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