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Please find here our first Monthly Report to keep you updated on all general topics:

APRIL 2021 Nodeseeds Investment Report

  • Details on each investments, our price, NDS allocation, etc.
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in April
  • The NDS portfolio.

We initially did not think it was needed to release a report for April as only 2 of our investments listed: Blockbank & Occam. But after careful consideration, we decided that this would set a precedent and show our community how serious we are about Nodeseeds. We welcome every NDS holders and curious minds to read it. Please feel free to give us your feedback so we can implement them for the upcoming reports!

Official links

Website | Twitter | Telegram |email: admin@nodeseeds.com

Nodeseeds is partnering with Stacker Ventures to share information that benefits both communities. In doing so, we demonstrate our commitment to developing the decentralized fund management industry towards transparency and accessibility.

Astounding Growth

It’s been an amazing past few weeks at Nodeseeds. We’ve closed several (six which have been made public) private sale deals, and are regularly reaching over $1 million of daily volume on Uniswap. None of this would be possible without the support of our amazing community. …


1 — Can you briefly introduce yourself and explain how the NFTFY Fractionalization protocol work? When fractionalizing an NFT, Is it an automatic process or set by individuals?

I’m Leonardo Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Nftfy. I’m an Electronic Engineer, but since 2018 I’ve been fully connected to the crypto market when I joined BlockchainBH as Head of innovation and founded my first startup in the crypto ecosystem. I have been recently nominated as ConsenSys Ambassador and since April of 2020, I’ve been dedicating full time to the development of Nftfy.

Nftfy is a Decentralized Application that…

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our sixth investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. B-cube.ai is part of our portfolio.

The B-cube platform is the ultimate all-in-one AI-driven Platform for Crypto Traders.

In fact, the B-cube team has developed 5 original automatic bots based on AI/ML technology, but the platform will also be a marketplace of best-quality trading signals and advanced bots using advanced AI-driven trading strategies in constant partnership with Universite-Paris Saclay which was ranked number one in Mathematics by Shanghai 2021 ranking. …

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our fifth investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. Trustpad.io is part of our portfolio.

TrustPad is a decentralized multi-chain IDO platform enabling projects to safely raise capital whilst still ensuring investors confidence in the legitimacy of projects. At launch, TrustPad will allow projects to launch on both Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Later in the year, Solana, Polkadot, & Cardano will also be supported.

Why TrustPad?

Recently, the crypto & DeFi space have been filled with new launchpads coming out everyday. We chose to support TrustPad for several reasons:

  • TrustPad supports anonymous projects. They…


1. Occam is a project that has a large scope, Bridge, Dex, Launchpad, Dao… and more.

Can you tell us a bit about your DEX & AMM protocol ? How will it be different from the ones we’re used to on ETH mainnet e.g. Uniswap, balancer, etc.

Sure! Firstly, we want to say a big hello to the Nodeseeds community, the quality of questions you asked was great and we’re really happy to be here.

Great question!

So, Occam.fi is an entire DeFi ecosystem designed for the Cardano blockchain. Our first component, the one many of you…

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our fourth investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. nftfy.org is part of our portfolio.

NFTFY is a permisionless & decentralized protocol that allows anyone to fractionize NFTs into ERC20 tokens. The dapp guarantees the backing of these Fractions of the NFT also the rights of all the tokenholders to share ownership of the NFT.

The problems

Recently, the crypto & DeFi space have known an unprecedented hype for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) who can represent practically anything, such as digital game items, collectibles, virtual lands, art pieces, etc.

However, three main problems remain for investors who…

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our second investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. Occam.fi is part of our portfolio.

Occam.fi is building the first comprehensive DeFi suite on Cardano. The OCC token will first be launched for trading as an ERC-20 token. However, it will also be on the Cardano chain in due time. Occam is indeed creating the first cross-chain Cardano — ETH bridge.

OccamRazer & OccamX— Fundraising algorithms & Dex

OccamX will be a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a Credit Market for Cardano that will be based on a single governance layer: OccamDAO.

OccamRazer is a fundraising DeFi suite (launchpad) made of Flat…

We at Nodeseeds are thrilled to announce our second investment as a tokenized Venture Capital. Smartswap.exchange is part of our portfolio.

Smartswap are building a smart decentralized exchange (SDEX) providing a one-click cross-chain swap.


Have you ever tried to swap crosschain from ETH to BSC & BSC to ETH? If you don’t own a Binance account, chances are that you used Binance Bridge to complete your cross-chain swaps. Unfortunately, despite appearances of decentralization, the Binance Bridge has often been closed these last few months, preventing people to swap back to the ETH chain from BSC.

This level of centralization is…

Since we raised over 120 ETH on Friday 26th March, 3 investments have already been secured, both for Nodeseeds and for members of the private group. 1 of these 3 deals have been closed thanks to a member of our community. He was rewarded in NDS tokens.

250 $NDS Referral bounty

As we are thinking of moving to a structured DAO with our private group, and since quality deal flow is key for any investment, we have decided to leverage the great community we have to help us find great deals.

Nodeseeds will reward anyone that introduces quality projects to us, as long as…


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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