1–Can you introduce yourselves briefly and give some details of the team behind Cardwallet?

Victoria: Hey all, great to speak with you here 🙂 I am Victoria, Co-Founder and COO of CardWallet. I have been in the industry since 2013 and was a CEO of Cointelegraph for many years, actually building it from scratch. I am thrilled how the industry has grown during these several years and looking forward to bringing new great products to take the leading positions and provide outstanding services. I believe CardWallet will make a real change. …

It’s no secret — Nodeseeds’ main mission is to democratize the investment process by offering our community access to seed round investments in new crypto projects. Originally, holders of 350+ NDS tokens were invited to invest alongside us. Now, we’re extending similar bonuses via a tiered system, further democratizing access to the investment process!

Nodeseeds has invested in PolyWhirl, a privacy protocol in the Polygon network.

Defi Under Siege

Many of us enjoyed playing hide and seek when we were kids. It’s a fun way to pass the time and teaches problem-solving skills. However, when it comes to hide and seek with financial assets, authorities aren’t playing around. Whether you’re dodging corrupt authoritarian regimes or just trying to reclaim your financial sovereignty, blockchain surveillance remains a growing threat to the decentralized ecosystem that’s taken over a decade to build.

As Wall Street continues to dip its toes into DeFi, demand for increased regulation, surveillance, and permissioned systems grows stronger. The banks know they can’t keep their edge unless they…

Nodeseeds has partnered with Phoenix.io. Both Phoenix and Nodeseeds provide early-stage blockchain projects with the resources they need — we’re two peas in a pod!

It’s Crowded In Here

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of noise in the market right now. It’s reasonable that everyone and their cousin wants their own token — financial freedom is addictive. However, this poses a challenge to new projects. Differentiating your project from the swelling crowd is next to impossible without the right social connections.

Knowing the right people unlocks access to developers, marketers, and other supporting forces. Unfortunately, many young teams lack access to these crucial resources. That’s why Phoenix.io and Nodeseeds partnered — to help move the needle for these young and aspiring projects.

Order In The Chaos

Not all teams know what they…

Hello 🖐 NDS community,

Please find here our third Monthly Report to keep you updated on all general topics:

June 2021 Nodeseeds Investment Report

  • First buy back & burn
  • Details on 4 new investments & previous ones
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in June
  • The NDS portfolio that keeps growing

We are happy to announce that June 2021 is our first profitable month (and we launched just 3 months ago!) as well as the month of our first buy back & burn. We are excited for July and August as we will reveal new partnerships with…

1Up is a video game blockchain platform that gamifies the user experience and accelerates global blockchain adoption. Nodeseeds proudly partnered with 1Up to expand the world of DeFi!

Mario On Chain

We here at Nodeseeds nostalgically recall the excitement of stomping on your first goomba as the world’s most beloved red-hatted plumber. Now, Mario is coming to a blockchain near you thanks to the 1Up protocol! Focusing on the simplicity and engagement factor that defines 2D video games, 1Up seeks to expand the adoption of blockchain technology by demonstrating its potential elegance and seamlessness.

5X Finance allows users to trade DeFi assets with up to 5X leverage! NodeSeeds secured an investment in the platform’s seed round.

Partners In Margin

The outsized returns of DeFi have tantalized market participants since mid-2020. It’s difficult to avoid the attractive prospect of identifying a young, promising project and striking it rich with your fellow investors. Many crypto fortunes arise from the slow and steady accrual of insightful investments over time. However, the rising demand for margin trading opportunities shows that many market participants are interested in more sophisticated risk management and asset allocation approaches.

Margin trading isn’t new — Bitmex, one…

Nodeseeds has invested in Volatility Protocol, a DeFi protocol that allows users to capitalize on the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Big Market, Big Moves

The S&P 500 crashing by more than 5% makes for some significant news. However, when Bitcoin’s price crashes by 5%, nobody bats an eye. Volatility and the crypto market have become synonymous with one another. The intense price swings associated with the asset class sends shivers down the spines of even seasoned traders. Volatility Protocol allows users to take advantage of this highly volatile marketplace via their proprietary DeFi volatility feeds.

The market volatility associated with crypto isn’t…

Bitspawn leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. Nodeseeds secured a slice of the virtual pie for our NDS token holders.

Insert Quarter To Play

Video games are globally recognizable whether you started with a Donkey Kong arcade machine or flossing to Fortnite. Previously relegated to nerds and the woefully bored, the PC gaming market alone now represents a $37 billion opportunity. Companies want a piece of this prime real estate and have kicked open the door to sponsorships and partnerships for top gamers. However, these perks are currently relegated to the top echelon of competitive players. …

PolyStarter is the first decentralized project accelerator launching on Polygon. Nodeseeds has secured a round seed investment in this exciting new project.

Acceleration Station

Launching a blockchain used to be an incredibly complicated recipe. Mix together extensive programming experience, user interface considerations, and a dash of paranoia about security and voilà, you might have a functional network. Thankfully the modern blockchain launching process is a much more straightforward, turn-key process. This ease of access is in no small part thanks to accelerators and launchpads. Nodeseeds has secured an investment in the first decentralized accelerator on the Polygon network.

If you’ve been paying…


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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