• TL;DR: Solana rocketed into the top ten for a reason. SolStreet represents the latest in a line of groundbreaking projects within the Solana ecosystem. Naturally, Nodeseeds notices a good investment when we see one 😉

Nodeseeds has invested in Theos, a paradise for DeFi NFTs!

Still Somewhat Spooky

Nodeseeds secured an investment in OH! Finance, a DeFi platform offering optimized yield-generating products.

Chasing The Whale

CardWallet joins the Nodeseeds list of excellent investments!

What’s In Your (Crypto) Wallet?

Nodeseeds has invested in PolyWhirl, a privacy protocol in the Polygon network.

Defi Under Siege

Nodeseeds has partnered with Phoenix.io. Both Phoenix and Nodeseeds provide early-stage blockchain projects with the resources they need — we’re two peas in a pod!

It’s Crowded In Here

Order In The Chaos

  • First buy back & burn
  • Details on 4 new investments & previous ones
  • Global market commentary
  • CEO’s foreword
  • What happened to Nodeseeds in June
  • The NDS portfolio that keeps growing

Mario On Chain


Tokenizing private sales in early blockchain projects

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